30 Second Wing Awning

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The frame is manufactured from high quality and durable aluminium, with a water and rot proof 320gsm canvas, the 30 Second Wing Awning will provide you with nearly 12sqm of shade in under 30 seconds. It only takes one person to set it up and you will be enjoying your day within that 30 seconds.

Many an awning has been destroyed by the wind. Due to the sturdy construction, these awnings can withstand a strong breeze and steady wind without the need for poles and ropes – we say 30km winds is the time when you should put the additional pole and ropes in.

Just like undertaking any outdoor adventure, it’s best to be conservative in setup as wind is not a constant, whilst the wind may be blowing 30km one minute, next minute a gust of 50km may come through – so use your discretion and use the support pole and tie down if you think it needs it. Be assured in the knowledge that the 30 Second Wing Awning is tough.

A tip to be extra safe is to face your vehicle into the wind as this creates down pressure on the awning and know that on a windy day when everyone else is packing their awning away, you’ll probably still be enjoying your 30 second Wing Awning and all the shade it offers.

  • Weighs 27kgs
  • Length when packed is 2.7m x 0.25m high
  • Central Steel Bracket with 3 separate pivot points
  • Arms are A-frame Aluminium and 2.4m long
  • Canvas is water and rot proof 320gsm Rip Stop
  • Equipped with one pole & four tie down eyelets
  • Left-hand side awnings available (passenger side of the vehicle)
  • Available in Olive Green canvas only.

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