Camping in NZ just got easier & more flexible with the Kakapo Camper. Featuring rugged construction, deluxe features, and compact design, the Kakapo Camper has it all.

Bivouac Campers presents the Kakapo Camper

Camping in NZ just got easier and more flexible with the introduction of the Kakapo Off-Road Camper.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of the Kakapo, with the view to provide everything needed for both the weekend getaway and the longer tour. The LED-lit sleeping area features a large full sized queen bed with permanent mattress.
The dining/lounge area is perfect for dining, games, or just relaxing on the 6 seater leatherette. And if you need extra sleeping space for friends or family, the couch/table area packs away into a convenient second bed.

Our Kakapo Camper Premium Package includes a few well-chosen deluxe items to complete your camper. View the Premium Package here.

Bivouac Campers supports the Kakapo Recovery Programme - we donate from every Kakakpo Camper sold.


Rugged Construction

The Kakapo Camper features rugged construction with a full-frame, one-piece, galvanised chassis with independent suspension, giving it a great ground clearance.

Kakapo Camper is built to last, and withstand the forces of off-road adventure behind your 4WD vehicle - or can navigate paved roads just fine behind a conventional vehicle. You decide where to adventure - the Bivouac will take whatever you throw at it.

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Compact Design

Design ergonomics make the Kakapo Camper a delight to use, and helps take the stress out of camping with well thought-out layout and storage.

A centralized kitchen area is the perfect hub around which you have easy access into the camper and external storage areas. The dining area converts into a second bed for more campers, while and the full size queen bed will give you plenty of space for a good night's rest.

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Delux Features

All the details are taken care of - from internal strip lighting to the pull out stainless kitchen, which features a Dometic cooktop, a sink and tap plumbed to an electric pump, with extra space for food preparation.

Extensive external storage means you can pack all the kit and accessories you'll need on your adventures. The full-featured stainless kitchen has an ample food preparation area, including sink and tap hooked up to a electric pump.

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Value for Money

All design features work to bring together a tidy, rugged camper that can cater to any adventure - on or off road. If you would like more info, have a look at our Standard Package, or the Premium Package which contains deluxe extras at a great price point.
Or contact us here and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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